Friday, August 21, 2009

Women! is back

Greetings Oxy Feminists!

Women! is back in action and ready to hit the ground running as soon as the 2009/2010 year begins. A constitution has been written and action plans are in the works. Here is a little taste of the new Women! constitution the leadership team has been working on.

Women! hopes to...
·        promote respect of the female gender, as is defined by all its members, through activism that strives towards justice and equality
·        bring feminism to life in every aspect of the word and through all definitions past, present, and future.
·        promote awareness of women, feminism, and the self through dialogue, discussion, and self-expression. 
·        create a network of support that celebrates the company of other women.  

This group is for all students of Occidental that believe in equality between women and men and want to put that belief into action, discussion, or writing! 
Interested in joining?? Want to join the new Feminist Blog community at Oxy?? Do you already have a program at Oxy and are interested in co-sponsoring events or meetings??
Email and get involved! 

We will be at club day ready with sign up sheets as well. 

This shall be the best year of Women! ever!
(also the first so we have a good shot at making it the best IN HISTORY)