Sunday, September 6, 2009

Crisis Pregnancy Centers target college WOMEN!

As Planned Parenthood was widely accepted in my neighborhood growing up, I have usually felt fairly secure about my access to reproductive services and the authenticity of women's health clinics in my area.

I recently received a rude awakening. About a year ago I was informed about a scheme by anti-choice groups to infiltrate the women's health services. Anti-Choicers have created their own fake women's health clinics, referred to as "Crisis Pregnancy Centers".

CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS are everywhere. There are currently 2 fake clinics for every 1 comprehensive clinic in the United States

Posing as comprehensive health centers, CPCs do not offer contraception, abortion services, or referrals for these services. They are often staffed by volunteers who are not licensed medical professionals and are not qualified to give medical advice. CPCs have been known to blatantly state misinformation like abortion has been linked to breast cancer or condoms do not prevent against HIV or STIs.

These clinics are also targeting COLLEGE STUDENTS.

As college students, these organizations see us as a vulnerable and easily mislead group. There has been a recent surge in facebook advertising for these clinics and many campus health centers advertise these clinics in their offices. Next time you are facebook stalking (it happens to the best of us!), check the advertisement bar for "PREGNANT? SCARED?" followed by a website. It is probably a link to a "Crisis Pregnancy Center".

If you are as disturbed as I was by this information watch this new video on CPCs by RH Reality Check
Crisis Pregnancy Centers: A Special Report for more information.
Or read the new article from  The Nation  about the creepy adoption component of these centers.
Don't get tricked by fake clinics! If you need health care find a Planned Parenthood or research the center you are considering before you go.

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