Thursday, September 10, 2009


So I realize Women! (The Blog) is just getting started but I wanted to start with something fun, amazing, and MUSICAL.

GLEE! is the newest TV sensation from Fox that tramples on the formulaic teen dramas of late and embraces heartily sarcastic dialogue and, best of all, musical renditions of Kanye, Journey, and Rihanna by a high school glee club.

This show is pointedly not politically correct (so many stereotypes I can't even begin to write them) and after accepting that, it is hilarious and culturally relevant. The last episode spoke frankly about female sexuality, and expectations of celibacy in young people.

Rachel, the misfit lead, who constantly has slurpies thrown in her face for reasons I still cannot explain, braves a Celibacy Club meeting in the hopes of gaining the affections of one of her fellow glee club members. While she gives it her all, Rachel eventually breaks and gives an amazing speech on the unrealistic expectations of the Celibacy Club and female sexuality.

Skip to 21:47 to watch the scene! Or watch the whole thing... I will warn you, its pretty hard to stop once you start.

While other teen dramas (I'm looking at you 90210 and Gossip Girl) are completely based on teen sex and relationships, they never fully address contemporary issues like abstinence only education, contraception, or female sexual double standards.

I was very excited to see that Glee! was willing to talk frankly about current feminist issues and I hope the writers continue to indulge my love for socially and musically relevant television.

Go Glee!

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