Friday, September 4, 2009

Latest Target of Anti Healthcare Groups - WOMEN!

The Independent Women's Forum has developed the next tactic for the right wing campaign against health care reform!

Scaring women with breast cancer.

Using data from an extremely partisan source, (The "Lewin Group" is wholly owned by the UnitedHealth Group, one of the nation's largest insurers), The Independent Women's Forum has created a new ad that claims health care reform in America will mean one thing for women... DEATH.

It is deceptive, inaccurate, and appalling.

The IWF makes grand claims about the highly superior quality of health care in the United States while ignoring fact that the current health care system is failing a huge portion of American women.

Does the IWF not know that in America women are more likely to live below the poverty line and be unable to afford health care, women of child baring age spend 68% more on out of pocket health care cost than men, and 16.7 million American women are currently uninsured?

With statistics like these there can be no question that the current system is not working for American women.

Even further disproving the irrational claims of the IWF, the National Breast Cancer Coalition has made it clear that health care reform is essential to increasing preventative care for all women and decreasing the rates of breast cancer in America.

The breast cancer rate in America is one of the highest in the world! We need comprehensive care not scare tactics.

This ridiculous ad will play in 8 battleground states, including Colorado, Indiana, and Nevada. If you know anyone in these areas make sure they know about the outrageous deception this ad contains and make sure they understand the facts about health care reform and not the misinformation perpetuated by The IWF.

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